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Published: 16th September 2009
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Man can never know pain such as these before, the death of a person is always a tragic beauty, whoever the person is. Death is a definite end of life, as we know it. Though it is not, in anyway, according to believers and theologians, then it is an end for surely something. The daunting task of writing a eulogy can never be avoided, nor can it be ignored. An example of a eulogy can always be seen, found and acquire by various means possible to man, eulogies are always a part of a sorrowful splendor of funeral rites; it shows that man cares for the fellowship of mankind. There is always sorrow in death, and there are always eulogies that prove it. Eulogies are one of the most wonderful words ever spoken by man; ironically, it is intended to those who have departed. We sometimes cannot be sure of what we are going to say, thus eulogy examples helps if we are to give eulogies. We must keep in mind that eulogies are ought to be heartfelt and sincere, an example of a eulogy only shows that we give so much importance to the dead that we need examples to make sure that what we're doing is correct.

The melancholy atmosphere can never ever be diminished from death, even a lunatic cries over the death of the one he loves, the love one that is protected from his madness. A person cries over the death of his mother, a person's dead mother, has her friends in attendance in her funeral, they have lost a friend. Her brothers and sisters were there too, they lost their beloved sister. Her spouse sits in silence; he lost the love of his life, his wife for so many years. Her children have lost their dearest mother, forever. Everyone accepts death, few bastards are happy about it many grieve over it. Example of a eulogy given by a close friend of the one who died reveals the depth of sorrow that one feels, the way the words are delivered with hesitant sobs that traps the voice are one of the many things I never want to hear. Surely, it is a sad ordeal.

It is never easy to deal with sadness and grief. Moreover, we can never erase the pain; the next best thing is to ease this pain. Friends and families come together to share each other's grief. Only foolish ones dream of erasing the pain, have comfort in the thought that it will always hurt, yet, it will not always hurt as painful as this sometimes - that is the greatest comfort that I can offer anyone who gets the chance of reading this

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